Black, White and Bougainvillea

Updated on Jul 11, 2014
black black felt vintage hat - white C Wonder sweater
Black-black-felt-vintage-hat-white-c-wonder-sweater Black-black-felt-vintage-hat-white-c-wonder-sweater Black-black-felt-vintage-hat-white-c-wonder-sweater
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FindingFemme 's Thoughts:

My grandmother passed away last year. She was a prominent figure of my childhood and a great confidante and friend throughout my teenage years. Many Saturday afternoons were spent rummaging through her clothes playing dress ups, dreaming of the day when I would fit into her clothes.

After she passed away the ladies of the family set to helping my grandfather organise her things by identifying what clothes could be donated, what could be stored and what we should keep. She had a lot of clothes. So many clothes they were practically holding up the walls of the house. There were plenty of clothes we didn't know she had but then among them we would find little gems which I would remember donning in my childhood during dress ups, or sitting next to her in church paying more attention to her brooch than to the church service.

The handling of her clothes gave us all the chance to share strong memories we had of her and to remember everything she was to us. This is one thing I really love about vintage clothes. This hat I inherited from my grandmother but it came with a story of travelling out from England with a black and caramel suit.

The hat is a part of my family history and these markers help me to remember who I am, and who the family are that we can now only cherish by memory. Vintage clothes are as much about timeless style as they are about timeless love.

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Comments (2)

pupuren on July 11
I'm glad you found some history in the hat. It sounds like your grandma was one stylish lady. The lighting in your photos is beautiful, and I loved that you had a story to share with your outfit.
Teaserama on July 11
Aww, I love this <3
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