EIU's Guide to: Where to Host Your Photos

Updated on Jan 04, 2010

Comments (12)

thesmartdresser on March 28
graet post_i love flickr
MakeupxSparkles on February 04
love the outifts
Lailaox on January 17
thebluemonster on January 10
loving the outfit near the blue door gorgeous<3
beckyxoxo on January 09
i used to have a photobucket account and i really hated it . i use flickr now , it's so much better .
idee_geniale on January 08
I tried photobucket but I kept exceeding my bandwidth no matter what I did! My pictures would always be the stupid photobucket bandwidth exceeded logo all over my blog. Needless to say I stopped using it and got onto picnik! So much better.
loveagustin on January 07
where do i get to change a background o a picture? tnx!
satinsugar on January 05
wow excellent post. i didn't know about any of the perks at all... haha thanks so much!
MonaM on January 05
silly question.. but how does photobucket work exactly? as in, u upload pics or take from their library, but then what? do you copy and paste them to where ever u want to use them...?
classytrash on January 06
yes, they provide urls for the images which you can easily insert into img codes on your blog or wherever.
elysiamann on January 04
i use photobucket on two different accounts. it's just easier for uploading large amounts of photos at a time. i got a premium account for free by doing some offer and then cancelling, but how did you get shoes out of that?!? please please please share!
classytrash on January 06
whenever they are doing promotions/offers, you can browse by category and sometimes they will have something for clothing. i did it by purchasing shoes from shoebuy.com in the same price as a premium account! =)
jazzyhwang on January 04
i've used photobucket ever since we started posting pictures up on our little xangas in middle school, still using the same account for my blog :D
anonymours on January 04
I host mine on photobucket :) <3 it!!

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