What To Wear To Homecoming

Updated on Sep 16, 2008

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anonymours on June 21
nice article
Alice_Cullen on April 14
Like the last one :D
Amandas_Armoire on September 28
that first picture is exactly how tacky my homecoming was last night.. imagine about 20 girls with the same dress on. haha
Maddi on September 28
ha ha the first pic is hilarious :D
lulu on September 28
Look how excited she is!!
_diana on September 19
ahahah those shoes are so awful. but i agree completely. girls at my school actually buy designer for basically any event requiring any amount of dressing up, so we don't have the tacky dress issue, but i cringe walking by homecoming/prom dress displays at malls.
rainelyn on September 17
wtf that first pic is the funniest pic ever.
fizzygizzard on September 17
Thank you so much Camille! I am definitely going to wear black.
petitechou on September 16
this is so helpful (even though my school doesnt have a homecoming, we just have winter formal and prom). thanks so much!
queenelizabeth on September 16
LOL at the ugly prom heels. oh and those black dresses in the middle picture are gorgeous!
ferociacoutura on September 16
I agree, black is a timeless classic. I wore a simple LBD from French Connection to prom last year. It was definately different compared to everyone else's poofy gowns.
mnavoy on September 16
you're not in high school?
TeenUgly on September 16
i'm would be a sophomore, but i'm homeschooled/taking classes at a university.

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