Why do you wear the brands you wear?

Updated on May 01, 2010

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milicaaaa on February 23
looks like no effort and thats why its lvoely
Shaniqua1071 on May 17
This dress looks lovely on you!!!
melavond on May 08
absolutely perfect!
districtofchic on May 07
I love your hat! How cute!
karenjavier on May 05
love it!
secondhandnews on May 05
hannasauraus on May 04
the_ed on May 04
Ooh, this is a good question. My go-to brands are just that because I can find stylish and reliable clothing any time I shop it (& for stores, I don't have to wait for a sale to get a chic item 90% of the time). I'm more interested in the product itself than the brand. The only way I would stop buying a brand is if the company was hurting people to make their product (e.g. conflict diamonds).
Arella on May 03
So pretty!!!
lydia on May 03
I've definitely had the American Apparel debate with some of my friends...but that hasn't prevented us from shopping there, even though we may not agree with their overt sexuality and provocativeness. I try my best not to discriminate brandwise, because I feel like that limits what you have to choose from. But there are definitely certain brands that rarely appeal to me, and that I'm not likely
helenz (@helenzhu) on May 03
Hmm... let me check out my local H&M store to see if they have any left :-)
lydia on May 03
PS Helen...you are making me want that dress like nobody's business! I really like the black sock/heel combo, it's like psuedo ankle boots.
lydia on May 03
to seek out. For example: if I were to try on a dress, like it a lot, and then find out that it was Guess...I would probably have a similar reaction as your mom did to H&M. Sometimes a brand's "image" makes it difficult to shop without discriminating. I think that's probably why I love thrifted and vintage items, becuase you can create a new image or interpretation of the article of clothing.
vhhho on May 02
Love the dress! I actually work at a H&M store in Toronto and we have this EXACT dress for...$20.00!! Comes in pink, beige and a charcoal colour. Such a steal.
helenz (@helenzhu) on May 03
Ooh, I would love this dress in charcoal. Hmm, Toronto H&M has more selection!
bostonian1828 on May 02
love the hat!
ConcreteJungle on May 02
TheFashionJunkie on May 02
I like your dress!
Beeswonderland on May 02
I don't care about the brands,if one piece of clothes catches my eye-I'm buying it no matter where I found it.I love to shop,love designer stores and I love vintage stores.Nobody's happier then me if I find a nice dress with a story behind it.
GlammcouturE on May 02
great article! and I love this ensemble!! great hat! :D
4everUSMC on May 02
very cute and feminine!
_nonchalant on May 02
interesting article, you look amazing
pwincessbebe on May 02
i love your hat and dress, so pretty
WooBean on May 02
That dress is so cute!
lissakahayon on May 02
love the hat!!!
joannaladrido on May 02
stunning dress!
ItsMeEloise on May 01
super cute!!!
crazybeautiful on May 01
love this
libys11 on May 01
wow.. i really enjoyed reading thru this article!!! it's so interesting!! my personal note on brands is that i go for stores that have clothes that fit me well. at the end of the day, i can go to thrift stores, mass retail brands or some high end ones once in awhile as long as i know that what im wearing suits me and makes me comfy! :D
StyleInterplay on May 01
LOVE this hat!!!
aceduchua on May 01
i dont really rely on brands when it comes to my clothing preferences especially if it is expensive! my biggest joy is thrift shopping and that is where i find all the unique pieces that also goes beyond trend but is a classic. its not what you wear, i think its who wears it and carries the clothes that is the major statement piece above anything! you look great btw! =)
Franco_Fernandez on May 01
i think buying into a brand is the biggest crime in fashion. its how you wear it and style it, regardless of where you bought it thats important. its a shame your mum felt like that, but theres always going to be stigmas attached to most shops and brands, whether or not those stigmas go isnt really important, but the confidence of people to wear what makes them feel good is.
paxie_aiza on May 10
yes agree! That's why I love vintage more.
Annebeth on May 02
I totally agree with you. I don't think brands mean ANYTHING. I like certain designers but I can't afford them anyway, I just shop where it's cheap and buy stuff that speaks to me. The important thing is how to make a certain garment your own. After all, how the model wears it in the ads is just how the company put together ONE outfit. Doesn't mean anything.
honeycrunch on May 01
lovely outfit!! & i really liked reading that article, it made me reflect on & think about the choices i make when i shop
fashionluvr on May 01
Yikes! I love this. The dress with that hat are fantastic together.

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