Happy Feet

Updated on Oct 03, 2008

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bjkdAnc3r on March 07
her pedicure is gorgeous!
drupe on October 20
this is like telling people who get sunburns, "put some aloe gel on." great advice - now how about some prevention tips? oh, right, i forgot. sun damage makes your face look ugly-ass, but few will see warped toes when you are 60, or the impact of ill-designed shoes on your spine. i hesitate to sound all down on fashion, but that girls wear bad shoes often enough to require bandages blows my mind.
elzabth on October 11
ooh the foot petals look cool. i alllwaays carry around band-aids haha . my guy friends all think i'm masochistic
GirlAboutTown on October 07
I think I am going to try those foot petals. I love your toenail polish by the way!
BrassMonkey on October 04
Some people will probably thinks this sounds totally gross, but what also works well is to put duck tape on the parts of your feet that blister when wearing heels. Keeps your feet from blistering, and it also works well when breaking into boots.
jwhoa on October 04
OMG THANK YOU. though i do not wear heels, i suffer from wearing flats. oh, and thanks for including the photo of your feet. i had no idea how to bandage my blisters (yes, i know...)
rainelyn on October 04
i love foot petals! this post makes me wanna go to a doctor fish cafe now.
yushan on October 04
so true! my band aids are my lifesavers...:p

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