Something Wicked This Way Comes

Updated on Oct 08, 2010

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madamushroom on December 03
great post! +1
Temarigirl on March 14
Love the feathers!
patlaenz on February 10
I love sarahhlaure!!!she always goth
lechateaudesfleurs on November 27
I added this has a favorite ! This is striking beauty ! WOW
gdolceamore on November 06
i love how goth is defined by feathers lately. one usually imagines crows and ravens, but to wear the feathers is just beautiful!
chivas on October 15
i love your gothic style..
Skotch on October 15
great dress
Anastasia_Azuline on October 12
Wauw! Wauw! Wauw! ^^ Ben nu al de hele week stiekem grunge en goth looks aan het proberen eigenlijk hihi =D Ik heb een leuk foto idee moehahaha =D
inKARLcerating on October 12
thank you for the mention. really appreciate it! i love thispost!! HAPPY HALOWEEN! yey
Annebeth on October 12
thank YOU for being so chic all of the time! :D
tammmmy on October 11
great. loving the feathers
starryeyed on October 10
ooh very good article :) i love this trend... just not sure if its something i could get away with. I bought a maxi velvet skirt the other day but took it back :(
Annebeth on October 10
aw you shouldn't let your boyfriend or your sister influence the way you dress! guys are like that, they have to get used to a certain look. My boyfriend used to hate my otk boots when I first bought them, but after a couple of wears he complimented me on them and had forgotten about disliking them! :D
starryeyed on October 10
yess it was! i know i loved it.. i put it on in the shop and thought wow. but when i got home my boyfriend didnt like it, my little sister laughed at it but my mum said its nice. then it made me think im not the person to wear it althought i regret retuning it.. i am looking forward to seeing how you wear it :D
Annebeth on October 10
is it the new look one? I bought it too but I plan on wearing the hell out of it! :D
little_vixen21 on October 10
cute beautifully nice :)
ConcreteJungle on October 09
oh yea x333
KaylaMeow on October 09
shes really pretty !! :D
bomchicawawa on October 09
love elegant goth and girly goth!
Pink_Champagne on October 09
nice post! i love the gothic look!
glamourvixen on October 09
I luvvvvvvvvvv the 2nd pic! All black & lace is soooo sexy goth!
linaimai on October 09
LeonedeCruz on October 09
this is so high Fashion..
springfiry on October 09
Love the gothic looks!
anonymours on October 09
wow! interesting takes on goth haha
chelyuson on October 09
love it so much! ;)
missastronaut on October 09
too cool for words. brings the goth look to a whole new level:D
kiki_sandoval on October 08
modgeisha on October 08
i love this post! i'm into goth too! :)
opfiend on October 08
I love these clothes! The last picture is very striking!
lissakahayon on October 08
must try this!!!! i love love love this feature!
killjoylove on October 08
I was a goth in high school and I dated punk boys <3 I also adore seeing angtsy kids splashed in fishnets, safety pins, and black lipstick...great post! I also have left my goth phase behind but I adore the aesthetic to this day!! <3 <3 <3
kat_sunshine27 on October 08
now this is really inspiring.. I love the goth trend[the more fashionable one like these]<3
faye1029 on October 08
amazing! you're pretty!!!
dramax3 on October 08
love it!!!!
zoomusicgirl0 on October 08
you can write like a panther! I'm excited about you finding your way yourself into that 'dark' style! I myself believe (too? Not sure I read you right) that it goes hand in hand with a certain mindset, or (sub)consciously blocking it: being more aware of 'pain' in the world & deep in your fragile self.I mean everything seems more dramatic.I think the Shakespeare title is an excellent choice
Annebeth on October 09
I don't think the emotions NEED to be that negative, but just really being in synch with everything, being aware of life.. An almost munk like contemplative state!
BadTasteToast on October 08
Uh the first photo is spooky but I love all the other looks! To me it seems like this gothic trend comes back every fall because everyone's starting to feel more gloomy ^^
Annebeth on October 08
it's supPOSED to look spooky! :D and I agree, I think the weather is our main inspiration any season!

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