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Updated on Oct 22, 2010

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JeanaG on November 11
you made this blazer work! good job!
francescalyn on November 01
you make the blazer look awesome!
anonymours on October 29
glad you redeemed it! it looks wonderful!
FashionIsMy_Passion on October 29
love the new blazer :D
angiekje on October 27
ooo I love your new default pic!!
headbandit on October 27
thank you:) I was feeling like I needed a change...
CherokeeLondon on October 26
Aww... I'm glad the blazer found a loving home! It looks great! I have to admit I didn't see the potential in it, but after your diy it looks amazing! Kudos for your spontaneity! :-)
districtofchic on October 25
That jacket is so cool!
pandaphilia on October 25
i absolutely love what you did with this blazer! you have rescued it to the max!
trinnah on October 23
Wow! I love what you did with the blazer, and it looks great on you! :)
kisforkani on October 23
congrats on redeeming this and i love what you have done with it! esp the watches!!
LapinNoir on October 22
i actually wanted this blazer, but it wasn't my size. i'm so glad you got it! it was beautiful before, but geeez now look at it!! super, super stunning!! really admire your creativity dear! :D
charchelle27 on October 22
u are amazing dear! u are so creative!
Jazza on October 22
You are so talented! you have transformed this blazer into sheer beauty! well done the clock faces look amazing! :) faving! amazing! welldone !
angiekje on October 22
this is sooo chic!! (now I know for sure it was too small for me :p) I LOVE it, faving and posting tonight (if you sent me the other pictures!!) xo (isn't it night where you live?)
angiekje on October 22
here you have the link:

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