How To Have a Successful Halloween Costume

Updated on Oct 19, 2008

Comments (6)

ashley on October 26
Great post! I hate all the fucking bunnies and cats what should only be seen by your signif other. I am being Alice in Wonderland. Halloween is my fav day ever!! Even before my bday haha
kcchuu on October 22
i like slutty catgirl's socks... hahaha! :\
mv_erazo on October 20
what are u gonna wear camille?
lynnisms on October 19
Ah, I wish Halloween was as big in Australia! As it is, I appear to have an Accounting assessment on the day. =(
plastikneon on October 19
Awesome advice! And slut costumes are a no-no.
kassndra on October 19
great advice, I've been looking at halloween stores because I have no creativity in me right now to make an outfit, and everything in the women's section seems to be 'sexy' anything.

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