VINTAGE 101: 1920's

Updated on Nov 03, 2010

Comments (16)

alinaceusan on September 12
love the 3rd pic combo
mikachu_ on November 26
get all my moms cothes from then (and the 70's)
solybBy on November 21
cool !!!
LanaDelHey on November 10
Love it! <3
kiki_sandoval on November 06
Aphrodite on November 06
love the 20's and really love the looks esp the last one!!!!! great post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
districtofchic on November 05
Definitely one of my favorite eras. The era of short hair :-)
angiekje on November 04
I love this so much!! I don't know my way around vintage AT ALL :p so I'll be following these series :) I loved reading it (just finished) Hope Adela, I do hope you know they can remove the article from the style gallery because it has over 3 outbound links in it? Just saying... faving it anyway :)
Pink_Champagne on November 04
Thank you, Angie! I actually submitted this for the "Inspiration" page. I'm not sure if the outbound link rule applies for EIU articles. I'll check! Thanks for pointing that out =)
charchelle27 on November 04
great looks!
SaffronHaze on November 04
This was a great read =)
KaylaMeow on November 04
i love that era but i prefer the 1800s
opfiend on November 03
Great article! I love 20's inspired looks. I would also add Mae West to the list of style icons of the 20's. I know she did mostly movies in the 30's but in the 20's she did a lot of broadway.
crystaldots on November 03
Love your new articles. : ). This is by far the best I would say!! Keep it going. FAV'd : D. Hope this inspires you to write more!! Looking forward : ).
Annebeth on November 03
I love love love love LOVE your new article! SUCH a huge improvement!
Pink_Champagne on November 03
Thanks Annebeth! (and thank you again for the initial suggestions!) Yes, I had actually wanted to do that, but my sister is the one who usually takes my pics and she has a lot of homwork this week. I'll keep that in mind though and see if I can work something out! =)
Annebeth on November 03
one tip: I'd love to see you in a quintessential 20s look with make up and hair and all for this article! :D
immadi on November 03
love this
stickybun on November 03
neat! this is a cool article. i'll have to start stealing some of your flappery stuff, lol! :)

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