How to Update Your Wardrobe for 2011

Updated on Jan 06, 2011

Comments (20)

citysleek on January 04
Thanks for the tips! Great article. <3
melmo on January 14
so i just need to get platforms ;) but they are definitely hot this year!
kirstinmarie on January 11
Great post!
alatheishtape on January 11
What a wonderful article! Thank you for sharing this with us :)
playingwithfire on January 10
Great article!
bellaumbrella on January 09
AWESOME article. I totally dig everything you're saying. No flip flops and better basics are rules to live by.
CrashingRed on January 08
Great article! Favorite!
opfiend on January 08
Lovely article! I have such a beef with flip flops that it's good to see them on here. I do have some for boating or other water things but nothing else.
Tsiriano on January 08
Really liked this post! And it's really hard throwing away clothing you have multiples of! But I'm gonna try though.. :) xx
Annebeth on January 08
haha yeah this is a great article with very good pieces of advise! I'm horrible at throwing stuff out though, I basically only throw things away if they've lost their shape or if I haven't worn them in ages and KNOW that won't change any time soon. I do however think that wifebeaters and baby Ts can look very cute with high waisted skirts or shorts, especially in the summertime!
Annebeth on January 08
but they shouldn't be too tight, you're right about that. And if I can give you one pointer: it might be nicer if the links at the bottom (thanks so much for linking me btw!) would link to a particular look so people see the piece you mean straight away rather than having to search the blog for the item you referred to :) and it's no big deal since EVERYONE makes that mistake, but it's AnnEbeth :D keep up the great work!!
ivaniadiamond on January 08
very true.. love it <3
summerkist on January 08
iamliezyl on January 08
love the article!!
chiomalynn on January 07
so true!! i've actually been thinking of updating my wardrobe for a couple days now
irisanddaniel on January 07
haha LOVE the JNCO reference, hilarious. The pieces you chose to "keep" are great, thanks for featuring us in the trench coat category! :)
JyaDi on January 07
LOVE IT!! the perfect new years gift for me
esthera on January 07
Really liked your blog about updating for the new year. And doing some ditching of old stuff
TheLittlestUnicorn on January 07
I second what you said about jeans that fit well! And you don't necessarily have to spend a lot of money...I work at a conisgnment shop and have found citizens of humanity, seven for all mankind, j brand, paige...the list goes on...all for under $50! So check out your local consignment/thrift shops for good finds on great fits!
purplewang on January 07
Great post! :)
crystaldots on January 07
Oo lala! I really agree with the items to "ditch" I think I am guilty of the last one: "Something you have more than of." Man! I have too much black; I need to update with more colours! : )

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