Short Hair: Cutting Off The Long

Updated on Jan 27, 2011

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VanesaFigueroaMuro on May 19
i cut my hair 2 weeks ago and at first i was like "oh god what have i done" but the next morning when i woke up, i knew i would never want long hair again, i have never felt this great, when a girl cuts her hair is like rebirthing, i feel like a diferent person, a better one, i cant explain (:
DorisRussell on March 18
Here's to you. I just had my hair cut in a very short style. I wake up in the morning now and hardly have to comb it. I hope to have a picture soon to post.
hailamer on March 07
Love the short hair!
freckles on March 07
what a great's crazy how much our hair is tied in with our memories and emotions! I did the same thing a few years ago to try and start a new beginning. The long hair is back now but I feel like it was the only way to really symbolize a fresh start. And the short cut looks wonderful on you! Like a brunette Debbie Harry x
magali on March 03
Ooh I forgot to mention that the bottom right photo makes you look like Pat Benatar during her heyday, which is totally awesome! :)
cma0323 on February 16
love this!!!
flexilexi on February 05
angiekje on February 03
I LOVE it!! and you are such a great editor :) happy to have you!! GREATEST article!!
Squarectomy on February 04
Wow! This means a lot. :) Writing is EVERYTHING to me. Love Grace.
chiomalynn on January 30
what you're saying is so true! and now that i think about it, most of the women i view as icons have shorter hair !
F4SHI0N on January 29
your hair looks lovely long or short!love the article!
Squarectomy on February 04
Thank you! :) Love Grace.
CarihJesus on January 29
I loved this post...i had my hair long since i was with 24 i thought it was the right moment to cut was painful but i did it, and guess what?! I love my short hair =)
Squarectomy on February 04
I am loving mine too! Love Grace.
BerniceLim on January 29
love this post !!!! love short hair !!!
ChanelleNstuff on January 28
Great post! :)
nabanishamahanta on January 28
lovely article....i love my long hairs....
PerolasECupcakes on January 28
Lovely article!!! You're a marvelous writer!!! I love my hair...and in all of my life I was never afraid of cutting it short or leaving it grow...but yesterday, after more than 6 months thinking about it I decided to do the undercut, just like Alice Dellal. Now when I look at the mirror I see myself more confident, self-assured, and mature!!! And I love it!!
Squarectomy on February 04
Thanks so much for the kind words! Love Grace.
NanaHoshino on January 28
Great post! I love it!!! faving<3
Squarectomy on February 04
Thanks! Love Grace.
revearum on January 28
you are a great writer, very talented, and a beautiful person. : )
Squarectomy on February 04
Thanks so much! I appreciate it. :)
Catherinee on January 28
Honestly, I've always been totally partial to shorter hair... I don't think it has ever passed my underarms, I can't stand having lots of hair! I feel the cut that I've had for the past two years is more "me" than my year of having ever-growing hair. I loved this article, great job :)
Squarectomy on February 04
PeachyPanda on January 28
I had long hair throughout childhood, I was "forbidden" to get my hair cut by my parents b/c "girls are suppose to have long hair." This only accentuated my want for short hair, so one day in high school, I got it chopped off to my shoulder, the next year to my chin, the next completely boy cut. It was the most amazing feeling in the world
itmakestheworldturn on January 28
cutting your hair short changes your life. i love this cut!!!
trophyboutique on January 28
Yay! Short-haired girls rule.
missinglovebirds on January 28
i love this post! for the past 4 years i had wanted a pixie cut, and in november i just DID it! honestly, it's the best feeling ever. (although you have to get it trimmed more often, of course!) thanks so much for mentioning me and adding my photo! and really, great article! x
Squarectomy on February 04
Thanks my dear! And happy to include you.
cherry8888 on January 28
After I got married, I chopped off 15 inches of hair, and never looked back! I love my short hair!
PrettyShoesandTattoo on January 28
What a great article. I have never felt more in tune with who I am than I do now with short hair (it's really no hair). I feel no distractions and no pretenses. It's me and my head, ready to take on the world!!!!!!!!!!!!
Squarectomy on February 04
irisanddaniel on January 28
love short hair, a very powerful, chic, and unique look that can't be achieved any other way. great article! :D
Squarectomy on February 04
Thanks so much!
Umbrellastripes on January 28
I LOVE pixie cuts!!! i wish my sisters hair was straight so i could give her one, her bone structure would suit it perfectly.
sam_m on January 28
i wish i was this brave!
jehciika on January 28
I know exactly how you feel! I used to have hair all the way down to my ass, but one day I just felt.. well ugly. So, I went for something new and got an A-line. I definitely felt like a different person when I saw that it was all gone. I loved it though and from then on, I kept trying a bunch of short styles :D Its good feeling how your hair changes you, no matter what style though ^^
HallieDaily on January 28
Amazing post! for me, trying short hair was in 12 years old, it was like a nightmare for me. Now, there are so many amazing ladies around with short hair, they are sexy, they are beautiful, they are charming, so sometimes I would think of to get a short wig to try, hehe....haven't done it yet... I admire your conclusion: no matter what length of hair we have, we own our individualistic beauty!
Squarectomy on February 04
Annebeth on January 28
don't be silly, you are a babe, both with long and with short hair! I adore short haired girls, they appeal to me much more than long haired girls. Shorter hair (from collar bone length and up) expresses a lot more personality than long hair if you ask me, it exposes you more and doesn't keep you "safe" :) I first cut my hair Jean Seberg short when I was 18 and I never went back to real long hair
Squarectomy on February 04
Thanks so much for the kind words! I appreciate the positive feedback :)
Annebeth on January 28
forgot to tell you: great article :) I love personal articles!
Annebeth on January 28
I totally agree: short hair just puts you out there in the world and forces you to face the world with your head held high, confronting the world with the real you. I love short hair.
JyaDi on January 28
i've always wanted to get a pixie...
magali on January 28
This is such a beautiful blog post! I did the same when I was 13, and I was on the verge of tears later. Again I don't think I looked very feminine, but was proud of myself for doing what I did! I am 18 now & plan to do it again later this year. Again, this was such an amazing blog post! I could relate so much, I've said the very same things (with slightly different words). Hugs! <3
Squarectomy on February 04
Thanks so MUCH! It's nice to hear people feel the same.
catiebeatty on January 28
That is such a good length for you! I love the texture as well. Cutting my hair off was the best thing I ever did, beauty-wise :)
Style_Journey on January 27
l usualy prefer long hair but there are so many ladies there that look amazing wearing pixie too!! :D

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