Fashion industry culture: Is fashion fun?

Updated on Feb 16, 2011

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cortney on July 18
fashion should never be serious!!!!!
Padme on September 23
yes, fashion is fun, too
Okropny on February 24
nice remote
Squarectomy on February 23
Adore this article! Love Grace.
Catherinee on February 19
This post is wonderful. I love that you touched upon most people's perception of "fashion" - in our society, tradition definitely trumps the artistic approach to fashion. It's hard to come up with a definition for fashion that includes all aspects. I can't wait for more of these articles - I think this is a great idea, and I know that you will both do a fabulous job!
Catherinee on February 19
Side note: fashion history is extremely fascinating to me - not just vintage, but the way fashion literally shows attitudes of the time period.
irisanddaniel on February 19
Thank you! Means a lot that you, as well as others, are liking the article. Encourages us to try working on more. :) -- The tradition of fashion keeps people close minded about it. Especially because they forget even historical fashion, so sometimes it's sad when people are ignorant on the subject and still decide to not learn anything about it and judge it as something unimportant.
lechateaudesfleurs on February 19
There is a big difference between making a beautiful picture that are arts pieces and wearing the outfit or costume in the street. It just doesn't work. Of course their is always those events where you can get out of the norm !!! I love those times ! Fashion is fun and should be fun. People want magic and dreams...It is up to the Designers to make it reachable. XOXO
angiekje on February 18
I LOVE this post!! faving :D (great graphics again!!) I think I am doing the same things as the designers do... meaning: having fun with it... but I would never do it with that kind of wardrobe, it is a bit too much of everything :D too innovative, too new, too much, too expensive (note: TOO expensive!!! ;)), too minimalist, ... everything on the runway is something too for what I consider to
angiekje on February 18
be streetwear... I do realize that most of my pieces are translated from the runway towards wearable things... and I LOVE that idea :) I love that somebody sat at a desk thinking: oh maybe we should do a military floral cardigan... (what I'm wearing today) I LOVE the fact that they make up an idea, an idea that I can use creatively to make it my own. Fashion is art, I love it, I love mismatching, love it when people think about what I am wearing, love thinking about what others are wearing. Love trying new things, embracing the old at the same time and just make it me: create my own fashion, my own art, my own vision :D all built upon that one crazy idea of some designer :D bravo!! loved reading this ;)
JyaDi on February 18
it's funny because fashion leaders are all about innovation and breaking convention, but they wouldn't be successful without consumers and followers to support them.
irisanddaniel on February 18
Very true. The most successful designers seem to be the ones who are introducing new, fresh ideas but still staying within the realm of understandability of their audience. Listening as well as directing are both important aspects of the fashion world (important aspects of life, really).
fashionophile on February 17
great post!
Annebeth on February 17
what I do on a day to day basis (getting dressed and having fun with the possibilities) has almost nothing to do with what designers create, imo. I love designers that are artsy and conceptual and I adore the garments they create, but they hardly ever really inspire me when I get dressed in the morning. Strangely, I get way more inspired by real people who have to find a balance between
irisanddaniel on February 18
Completely! The practical aspect of what one needs and desires in their life is a HUGE part of style, mostly people's interpretations of fashion and interpretations of their lives make them the most successful in creating good looks that also make them feel inspired, happy, and comfortable.
Annebeth on February 18
I also feel a bit iffy about being inspired by more commercial or wearable fashionshows. When the fashionweeks roll through, it's all "what you should be wearing next summer", almost forced and dictatorial and not organic at all. I usually prefer getting my own inspiration through everything that happens around me rather than following new hot and happening trends. Except when the trend really feels new, instead of ANOTHER go at minimalism or colorblocking or nautical. But it hardly ever does. :)
irisanddaniel on February 17
Really interesting point of view, and extremely valid. Not everyone is going to get dressed inspired by the runways and that's natural. I think that there are different sects of fashion and that although some verge on art, the commercial versions of the pieces are fashion, and the clothing itself is innately fashion. Fashion brings art and commercialism together, the spectrum makes it great.
Annebeth on February 17
practicality and fun. Mad Men for example is filled with characters that inspire me to no end, both in personality and in sartorial choices. You want to express yourself in your coutfits, but I don't consider the gorgeous art that McQueen creates in his weirdest shows an inspiration in the way of "ok, I'll dress like that tomorrow!". And that's ok, haute couture is more about art than about fashion to me.
kayemoniquesgonzales on February 17
Fashion is universal - it means everybody's allowed to go loud, proud and beyond what we all could imagine. Everybody should enjoy, careless of what people might say. This is a very informative post! Thanks! :))
franloiacono on February 17
So glad you talked about VW! :) I think fashion is always fun, but maybe if you start working in the Fashion Industry it may change...I say this because I've experienced this in other Art fields...
crystaldots on February 16
even though i like fashion, i still have a lot to learn about the fashion world. i do think that fashion can be fun if there is creative thought - without this, i don't think fashion can be considered "fun" - without this, it's just another empty business. i think that there are only some designers that can pull off the beauty of fashion (i.e., McQueen). super great article! thought provoking.
maryiangge on February 16
chic think for sure!
lydia on February 16
A very thought provoking article, I like that you found examples of both fun-loving and more serious, sober designers. It's an interesting dichotomy, and I feel like fashion becomes whatever you would like it to be.
irisanddaniel on February 17
Thanks so much! :) Your opinion is extremely true, the interpretation of style and fashion is probably half the reason why it's such an interesting and thought provoking industry.

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