An Education: A Look At The Film's Fashion

Updated on Feb 20, 2011

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ladycarcar on March 04
Loved the movie. Cannot deny the fashion sense.
naomayyy on March 03
I loved this movie! & the clothes of course!
Squarectomy on March 03
The clothing in this film was so remarkable! Lovely work my dear! Love Grace.
lechateaudesfleurs on March 03
I just saw this movie this week end ! Loved the retro for sure !
JeanGreige on March 01
This is great! If you haven't checked out the costuming in "What a Way to Go" with Shirley MacLaine, you really should!
districtofchic on February 22
I loved the style in this movie. English prep at its best!
stylenomad on February 20
omg I was just talking about the fashion in this film with a friend last week! I loved that fitted gold dress she wears at the end. Other films I find sartorially inspiring are: -Lust Caution (strictly fashion speaking!) -Memoirs of a Geisha (fashion as a ritual) -Howl's Moving Castle (it's an animation but love the menswear drawn in that) -Moulin Rouge (a classic!) -2046 -Chicago
Annebeth on March 05
and in the mood for love! should totally be up there :)

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