"Red Riding Hood" Chictopia EXCLUSIVE!

Updated on Mar 05, 2011

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lipglossandblack on March 08
wow, you're so lucky getting to attend such an intimate press junket! I would have been SO excited to see Gary Oldman! Man, what a fox, hahaha. I'm so excited to see this interpretation of the fairytale for sure! The visuals in the trailer look great so far :)
maryiangge on March 08
fernandafgm on March 08
Great and nice article! I love red, it is such an alive color! I like how they make the red pops out in this film! It has a stunning picture! And they choosed the right actress in terms of her extremely fair skin, so the red pops out even more against her skin!
chyrelg on March 08
Oh, I love this article of yours. I can't wait to watch the movie. BTW, the bag's on sale in our local department store. They have a fashion line called Parisian and that where I mostly buy my bags and shoes. It's like knock-offs from runways without burning a hole in one's pocket. It's a haven for frugalista's.
irisanddaniel on March 07
congrats crystal! :D i love the look of this film, the gray blues really make the red pop! love the more mature twist on the old story. :)
crystaldots on March 07
hehe. Mature twist, I like your adjectives a lot. The red certainly pops (like your icon)!
JyaDi on March 07
oh wow how exciting!
crystaldots on March 07
Thanks JyADI!!!!! <3
Lucyss on March 07
congrats:) Great article!
crystaldots on March 07
Thanks Lucyss ; ).
styleanthropy on March 07
congrats Crystal! you're so lucky! great article and by the way, love your outfit too! :)
crystaldots on March 07
Thank you Cris, you are super duper awesome!
iconick on March 07
Nice article!
crystaldots on March 07
Thank you for stopping by!
angiekje on March 07
amazing!! I think that movie will be GREAT!! congrats by the way!!
crystaldots on March 07
Thanks Angie! I hope you can watch it this week : ).
Annebeth on March 07
congratulations for being able to go!!! and I love your writing, the entire event and movie sound awesome!
Annebeth on March 08
it looks absolutely fine to me, but I'm not a native englisspeaker either so maybe we both suck, haha :D
crystaldots on March 07
Thanks Annebeth! I really appreciate that you comment on my writing - I mean, I always struggle with English and I hope mine has improved so far!! ; P.
Pink_Champagne on March 06
aweome article! congratulations!
crystaldots on March 07
Thanks Hope for your support. Really appreciate all the EIU's support! I can't say enough how thankful to have a supportive coworkers (don't know how to call each other) : P.
anonymours on March 06
Demy22 on March 06
WOW!!! In love with your awesome post! I love the way you write, it's addicting!! It sounds like an awesome experience (can you say that I'm dying of envy??!!! Can you?!) Seeing all these famous peope in person WOW! And the movie sounds pretty good to me! I adore werewolves and vampires, and this movie sounds to me like a Twilight-The Vampire diaries combo, and that means WOW!!!
crystaldots on March 07
yeah, I think you're super on point about Twilight-The Vampire mesh although they don't have vampires in this movie. But in some scenes they look so pale, I guess they can pass off as vampires? ; P.
naomayyy on March 06
I was waiting for this article to come out too! Sounds like you had a great time (:
crystaldots on March 07
Thank you so much! I really want to thank you for your support!
headbandit on March 05
Wow wow wow! The whole experience sounds so amazing...how exciting for you...I got excited reading this! Living vicariously through you haha ;) I can't wait to see the movie, and the press junket sounded so fun too-it's nice to hear that the actors, director, and writer were down to earth & had a good sense of humor. I love Amanda Seyfried <3 Fantastic article!
crystaldots on March 07
Thank you for your support, headbandit! I really enjoy seeing Amanda Seyfried's future movies. I really see her going places!
lechateaudesfleurs on March 05
Oh i want to see it ! Cool review !
crystaldots on March 07
I am so glad!

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