Rachel Zoe Gives Birth In This Week's Ugly Gossip

Updated on Mar 25, 2011

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heyitscrichel on April 07
really entertaining article! 8 yr old gets botox? i think her mom is smockin' crack! totally crazy! but this is such a nice read! keep it up!!!!! =)
maryiangge on April 07
crazy botox and cotton ball diet. not good at all.
KaylaMeow on April 07
omg the cotton ball diets! thats just sick, and the 8 year old getting botox? so not healthy. great article, its so fun to read this :D
tanyabell on April 04
Cotton Ball Diet?! SICK! What happened to eating healthy and good old-fashioned exercise?!?!
kss_23 on April 04
Nice article! Keep going! ;)
liluchious on April 02
chic VOTED again!!
Lyosha on April 01
great gossips! enjoyed reading.
Mongrel on March 31
Oh my goodness. Just say no kids! Love the Wang piece! There's a fine line....
Roshilalaloo on March 30
Great gossip!! I actually enjoyed reading it...CANNOT believe the botox!! Thats insane..but Rachel Zoe giving birth cant wait to see what she dresses that baby!! Shes so amazing. Love the gossip!
Roshilalaloo on March 30
oh and yes RIP LIZ Taylor :(
opfiend on March 29
RIP Elizabeth Taylor. Great article
girlwiththerabbit on March 29
8 years old? that is so sad, that has to mess with her system.
liluchious on March 28
NIce article! Thanks for sharing dear.. I haven't read it all before :)
Style_Journey on March 27
gosh, l can't agree with botox on kids!! this should be the last option and only for old ladies that really need a face lift !! gosh, that's totaly WRONG!! can't belive that somebody really did something like this :|
chila_ on March 27
Oooh gossip is addictive. I loved how you summed this all up, it was really entertaining to read :)
Icia_Gee on March 27
Injecting botox on kids should be illegal, it's wrong. Poor girl. R.I.P. Eliazabeth Taylor. Great Article.! (:
pattylopes on March 27
Ugly Gossip?! Hehehe love the article. xxx
Lucyss on March 26
great article dear!!!
thecathag on March 25
And I was 0.0 by the 8 year old getting botox!!! So crazy!! Thanks for dropping by my page sweetie!! xoxo
MissMissy on March 25
haha "oh hecks no" is right! Eight may just be a wee too young to start the anti-aging process (unless you're Benjamin Button) haha. Great article, I love your humorous insight on this week's gossip!
JyaDi on March 25
wow so much crazy stuff
EyreEffect on March 25
Wow, an 8-year old gets botoxed? That's ridiculous! R.I.P Elizabeth Taylor! Great article, dear!
crystaldots on March 25
yes! That's quite scary. I know about Ms. Taylor. Eerie that her Twitter account's still active tho.
Demy22 on March 25
Eeewww, botox to an 8-year-old?? Pathetic! lol at Rachel's Zoy comment about her stylish baby :P and really did Alexander Wang such a thing? haha! Hard to believe, no? Pus, scuba heels? Nah, I can't walk in normal heels, let alone these awkwards! :P Jesus, what? 1 billion dollars? Jesus, D&G! Who do you think you are, Dolce and Gabbana?? Finally R.I.P. Liz Taylor, she was and is great!
Demy22 on March 25
That was an aweeesome article! :D
angiekje on March 25
Ugly gossip :) love it :p BOTOX????? so odd :p great article watermoolen!!

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