Controversy: Little Boy Wearing Pink Nail Polish!

Updated on Apr 14, 2011

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kiki_sandoval on April 28
aww he is cute
EveyHoneysuckle on April 18
You can't stop a kid from liking pink. It's a colour. A COLOUR. Technically colours don't exist and it's all just how our brains interpret it, so you're telling me that society is flipping out over a nonexistent visual interpretation of refracted light AND a simple act of varnishing a few nails due to gender??????? Please.
magali on April 16
I don't see why it's such a big deal. I think it's great she's not telling her son that make up & beauty is for little girls only. He should experiment! Really well written, Crystal!
olikyu on April 15
“If society didn’t work so hard to reinforce gender role stereotypes we would have a much more well-adjusted& open-minded future generation.” couldn't have said it better myself!
olikyu on April 15
it's such a shame that in 2011 we're still such close minded ignorant people. what ever happened to letting kids be kids? my brother's favorite color when we were kids was always pink - now he's going to the army. sorry for not seeing the correlation you do, Fox News.
Annebeth on April 15
I hate parents mindlessly reinforcing gender roles and limiting the freedom of their beautiful children.
patlaenz on April 17
me too!!
Embellishgirl on April 15
When my son was 4, he wanted to be the Pink Power Ranger for Halloween. Guess what? He was the happiest Pink Power Ranger trick or treating that night..Sure, we got a couple comments, but who cares? He still looks good in pink, but unfortunately it's become a social stigma.
MissMissy on April 15
I have seen this ad before and thought nothing of it, except that Beckett is one stylish little boy! I think it is a bit silly that a major news network such as Fox devotes time to such a trifling issue. Beckett seems like a happy kid and I see nothing wrong with his choice of nail fact, I am quite jealous of it like Iris haha. Thanks for the article!
catiebeatty on April 15
We talked about similar issues quite frequently in my developmental psych class and the general conclusion seemed to be that forced gender roles are more harmful than just letting your children play with what they want. Shaming a child for enjoying something or liking a certain color makes no sense to them. Children are not born feeling shameful or guilty, these feelings are learned from adults.
catiebeatty on April 15
I think Adam Lambert hit the nail right on the head.
HienTruong3798 on April 15
If he wants to participate in painting his nails, that is fine! What is with these gender roles? Live life, don't worry about what people think of you. You will be lost if you are trying to fulfill some sort of normalcy that does not exist. This also gives them an opportunity to bond because let's face it, when he starts to grow up, he might not want hang with his mom or family in general.
HallieDaily on April 15
I know that everytime my 3 years old boy want to touch my make up stuff, and I say: " that's girl's thing, you want to be a girl?" , and he answer:"no, I am a big boy." so I think there is 2 sides issues: 1. what's the kid want to be...2. what's the parents want your kids to be... For a young kid in 5 years old, if he have clear idea that what's the pink nail means for a boy? and if the mom told?
Roshilalaloo on April 15
Im tired so this might not make sense but great article. There is so much pressure even at the young age for males and females to act a certain way its crazy. No matter what you do they are going to turn out the way they want to so you might as well just go with it :) If a boy likes to have his nails painted..OHMYGOD thats HORRIBLE...Now Im only foooling. :) Let them be who they want to be x
Style_Journey on April 14
omg, this article reminds me that my brother wanted to have one colorful nail when he was a little boy because he loved to see my mother using colorful nail polish! =)) lovely article, dear!! as always :D +1xx
irisanddaniel on April 14
They look like they are having a fun time and people blew it out of proportion, there's nothing negative about that advertisement at all. She even states that her son's favorite color is pink, that's his own choice.. nothing was forced upon him. They are having a fun time as family, that should be the only thing that is important. Great article highlighting this, Crystal. :)
hosanna77 on April 15
I do agree!
irisanddaniel on April 14
BTW-- Iris is so jealous of that nail color haha

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