Chic Reads: What Your EIU Editors are Reading

Updated on Apr 14, 2011

Comments (12)

SweetnSassy on March 02
Love "I Was Told There'd Be Cake"!
Chocosioco on September 19
great post!
anonymours on April 22
look like awesome reads
slick_chick on April 19
EveyHoneysuckle on April 16
Wow, I just actually took out Kafka on the Shore from my school library before I knew this post was here XD I hope its great :)
naomayyy on April 15
I just finished the girl with the dragon tattoo and it was AMAZING! it raises such important issues in society. great article!
boredstephanie on April 17
i was actually wanting to read that, gotta go reserve it at the library^^
naomayyy on April 17
definitely read the book, i couldn't put it down!
headbandit on April 16
I will definitely be checking it out! I was planning to see the movie but think I'll read the book first now :)
crystaldots on April 15
hahahaha. i like your poll! I always enjoy reading magazines more lately because to me they're like adult versions of children's books! but, in terms of fashion, i enjoy reading marie claire - i think it includes world events + fashion so it's pretty good stuff! as for books, my favorite would have to be... "A Beautiful Mind." Though it's a biography, the mathematic's life really moves me.
aniahocine on April 15
Currently reading Ham On Rye by Charles Bukowski.
tanyabell on April 15
I LOOOOVEEE Five People You Meet in Heaven, Disney/Fairy Tales, Shopaholic, and Memoirs of a Geisha
styleanthropy on April 15
thank you for the feature! love love love the photos!!! you are always creative and artistic!
headbandit on April 16
thank you :)
angiekje on April 15
I love it :) I love how you made the summary of everybody's books and magazines :) Memoires of a Geisha has been my favorite book for 5 years or so now :) and I love the gender books :p so funny that Annebeth is reading something similar :D (since we're both belgian) I love the title of Catherinee's favorie: "I was told there'd be cake" :p so funny!!
headbandit on April 16
You girls are funny. Awesome feminists who want cake, yeah!
Catherinee on April 16
when I went to the bookstore, they were so confused. they started telling me they didn't have cake and had no idea who this sloane crosley was.
crystaldots on April 15
i was told there'd be cake. HAHA.
Annebeth on April 15
we are awesome feminists!
irisanddaniel on April 14
Loving this! It's so fun to see everyone's favorite books.. must give some of them a look sometime, they sound really interesting! The collages are so fun and creative, really cool to see all of us in them haha. :D Another great article! Favorited!

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