Mcqueen's Armadillos for $25 in The Ugly Gossip

Updated on May 06, 2011

Comments (11)

anonymours on July 02
nice article!
Squarectomy on May 13
Missoni for my home!?!?! And no I can afford! Best news I've heard all day!
KaylaMeow on May 10
again, so fun reading this :D
Kimberellie on May 08
What a great article. So many links, etc. So interesting too! You've put a lot of time and effort into this! Very much enjoyed it. As for the scarves though...I think they're disturbing! YIKES. And leggings making you lose muscle tone? Gosh, how tight are people wearing their leggings? Mine are certainly not tight enough to be making me loose muscle tone!
lizzified on May 07
love your article :)
tribalfoxvintage on May 07
love this! and fyi, the booties are now back ordered!!!
RJanine on May 07
This is great! You write really awesome stuff! I'm now a super fan. <3
JyaDi on May 06
oh those shoes!! how notorious! they should make them key-chain sized too
boredstephanie on May 06
I'm not sure if i believe that leggings thing, it "holds up" your muscles? wtf? xP
crystaldots on May 06
yah, it's kind of weird. but, i'm not sure if i "buy" into that... i'm still going to wear my leggings!!
heyitscrichel on May 06
Wow! Another interesting writing from you crystal! You did a really great job! I enjoyed reading this article! Kudos to you dear!
crystaldots on May 06
thanks you are always so supportive! i am super glad you enjoyed this article!
cherichictopia on May 06
The first link to "my mom the style icon" is broken.
crystaldots on May 06
thanks for letting me know, Cheri!

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