Blogger Favorite: DIY Feather Crown

Updated on May 28, 2011

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andreeaberbece on July 06
carlanicole on June 02
uyut9iuu on May 19
love it!
49tilu69 on May 07
49tilu69 on May 07
Wow I m American Indian and the feather head bands racism in it full glory. Just because some thing is a trend doesn't make it right! So people think before you would buy some thing that is racist! There are great American Indian artist out look them up! Support a Native not just a company making money off a person race!
aribear22 on July 31
thecolorvintage on July 24
I am in love with feathers!
Squarectomy on June 06
Every summer I pull out my headdresses. <3
teribi on June 01
the question is... as fashionable this is.. would you be sensible enough to wear something like this in the real world? anyway, i still admire gals who wear something brave like this and still walk the streets with their chin up high... kudos to you!you're brave!
coldlight on June 01
contd..As fashion lovers,let’s engage in critical, informed decisions & discussions about the things we choose to wear instead of simply going along with what’s trendy or thinking “so what, people copy other cultures all the time/ it looks cute!” (I tried to add some links to blog articles which are really insightful but you're not allowed to, so if anyone is interested in them please ask me!)
teribi on June 01
coldlight on June 01
Hmm, I agree with some of the other commenters, I wouldn't wear something like this as I see it as cultural misappropriation. Tumblrs like mycultureisnotatrend and hispterappropriations discuss these issues of why it's wrong, simply thinking of it as a fashion trend doesn't acknowledge the issues of stereotyping, colonialisation, spiritual significance etc when someone dons a feather headdress.
headbandit on June 01
We definitely understand the cultural significance of the feather headdress, and in no way mean to seem as if we are dismissing it as simply a trend. We apologize if we have offended you or others.
F4SHI0N on May 31
cultures actually influence fashion all the time, not just native american. they aren't trying to insult anything, they just take inspiration from the richness of other cultures. I like these headbands!
headbandit on June 01
Thank you, the feather inspiration is drawn from many cultures. We are definitely not trying to offend anyone!
medeaculpa on May 31
This is actually really not okay. It's racist, it's wrong, it's cultural misappropriation. A culture is not a "trend", chictopia. Shame on you for promoting this.
headbandit on June 01
We are in no way meaning to promote racism or misappropriation. We apologize if we have offended you or others.
Cranbarrier on May 31
I definitely want a white and brown feather headband.
SweetnSassy on May 31
JyaDi on May 31
more diy please!!
alanderson111 on May 31
will have to give this a try
angrycloud on May 31
To bring this to the table, and I know that this might be somewhat controversial but some food for thought about why this Trend is NOT trendy, its appropriating a culture (and some thoughts on this would be lovely):
medeaculpa on May 31
This a million times. Thank you for posting this link and for making this comment.
lizzified on May 31
love it! looking forward to trying it out :)
EveyHoneysuckle on May 30
you have no idea how bad i looooove this! Feathers are my favorite things in the world. (Note: Recently I just bought two pairs of feather earrings and a necklace with a peacock feather :3) hehehe
irisanddaniel on May 28
Yay! Always love your DIY's and we are looking forward to reading them every month. :)

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