Sunscreen - does it have anti-aging ingredients?

Updated on Jul 20, 2011

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PetitePanoply on August 30
I use Eucerine everyday protection for sensitive skin. It's spf 30 and has both of those ingredients. It was pretty inexpensive too!
emchoung on August 19
i just wanted to know... could you ask your friend how she made her sunscreen and what ingredients she used, and then post it somewhere here, or as a new article?! i would love to make my own sunscreen, i'm very cautious about what i put on my face...
pinkkreen on August 14
I need to get a good face sunscreen, do you recommend the Shisiedo Sunscreen 60+ to everyone? I have sensitive skin :)
helenz (@helenzhu) on August 18
I do - but you can always go to Nordstrom's counter and ask for a sample to make sure that you are not allergic.
TheCrayolaEffect on August 06
That and I love fat cats. hehe
TheCrayolaEffect on August 06
This is a great article on a tired subject. It has a different spin and does more than just preach putting on sunscreen and helps to make the person buying it more conscious about what they're putting on their skin. :P
aliwishesbear on August 05
and if you're looking for a cheaper alternative with both zinc and titanium try the "aveeno mineral natural line":
helenz (@helenzhu) on August 06
Ooh, thanks for the tip!
aliwishesbear on August 05
and actually the olay lotion you mentioned does not contain zinc oxide or titanium uses avobenzone one i've tried that is pretty much pure zinc oxide is ocean potion: works pretty well actually
aliwishesbear on August 05
a bit of googling came up w/ this: Only a few chemicals block the UVA region. Since UVA can also cause long-term skin injury, dermatologists at UCSF routinely recommends sunblocks that contain either a physical blocking agent (e.g. titanium dioxide or zinc oxide) or Avobenzone (also known as Parsol 1789). i think most sun screens now use avobenzone for broad spectrum protection
ixiko on August 04
I just experienced the worst sunburn of my life and could barely walk the day after. Had I read your informative article before I would have checked for these ingredients which I now realize my sunblock does not provide. Thanks a bunch!
livisfat on August 02
I must buy some sunscreen right now!
tyleroakley on July 28
brb, stocking up on sunscreen.
ladysophiarose on July 28
thanks for the info
AlexanderJames on July 25
You have a great writing style, and provided lots of great information! Suddenly I don't feel so bad about being pale and NEEDING to put on sunscreen!
helenz (@helenzhu) on August 06
Thanks for the words of encouragement!
lizzified on July 25
thank you for the article! sunblock is even more important here in aussie (RE highest skin cancer rates) and i'm glad i now know exactly what to look out for
girlpanic on July 24
I like you and your posts! I decided this just now :)
clashingstyle on July 24
I met a 54 year old woman this year from doing a survey... I guessed her age at 42 when she asked me to guess. She seriously had no wrinkles, or a REALLY good plastic surgeon. My friend and I determined that she was a vampire... she was very pale. Perhaps this was one of her secrets.
plasticflowergarden on July 23
This is a great article. I'm not too concerned about the aging thing, but I'm a bit obsessed with trying to keep my complection its natural porcelain white. I've been looking for a really good sunscreen to keep it that way. And awh, poor kitty :( I think I'll go brush my cats teeth now, just in case Haha
SweetPandora on July 22
This is great!!I use the AntheliosAC from Laroche-Posay 30 SPF and it works great, it comes in a little bottle but lasts a lot. My brother studies to be a pharmacist (u know those guys who make pills and work in labs) and he told me that the SPF number is the amount of time the sunblock is protecting your skin, for example 30SPF means that ur skin will be protected from sunlight 30 minutes.
aribear22 on July 22
thats crazy that her skin looked that good...
nekorine on July 22
HAHA!! Yes Australians do know more about the sun... too much as well. Australia has the highest skin cancer cases in the world, so they don't take Sunscreen too lightly and sun protection as well. Here we are constantly reminded to put sunscreen every 3-4 hours or so, a hat, sunglasses and a light and thin long sleeve if possible. My mother always told me, the sun will make your face shrivel
nekorine on July 22
PS: I love this Article. I love the cats!
mamaonheels on July 21
i find that all of the ones that i have tried have scents that give me bad headaches. does the shisiedo have a strong scent?
helenz (@helenzhu) on July 21
It does have a strong scent. Though it's very different from Coppertone and Neutrogena
LestaLatin on July 21
Nice photos and great post!!
catiebeatty on July 21
Thank you so much for writing this!! I have started freaking about aging (I'm a haggard 26 years old) so I've been super diligent about wearing sunscreen. I always assumed they put zinc and titanium in all sunscreens. Glad to be corrected! You're a great writer and I think I will go pick up a tooth brush for my doggy :)
corinney (@corinney7) on July 21
I'm using the Shiseido Sunscreen 60+ daily on my face now too, thanks to your enlightenment. I actually like how it smells, for some reason it doesn't smell like your typical sunscreen, and has a nice fragrance.
mochaccinoland on July 21
never care abt sunblock/ sunscreen till one day my derm told me i was (and still am) allergic to UV ray!!! how sad is that esp. for someone from a tropical island. since then, i have been super diligent on sunblock application. i use sunblock even when i am potato-couching at home now. hopefully, i will be as lucky as Jessica :D
crystaldots on July 20
I'm an advocate on using sunscreen/sunblock as well. But, in fact, I like to use sunblock more than sunscreen (the stuff that ends in -xide haha) because it blocks the rays rather than absorbing (sunscreen ingredients absorb). But the story of the woman, Jessica, is amazing! I think sunblock + sleep + healthy eating def. go hand in hand! Great post ; ).
helenz (@helenzhu) on July 21
I sure hope so!

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