5 Ways to Look More Natural

Updated on Aug 04, 2011

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bella_emme on October 22
Chocosioco on September 19
This article really helped me !Thanks!chic+1
Umaluhu on September 08
If you don't like the "dew" look because it looks oily or sweaty, opt for highlighting your face. Under your eyebrows on the brow-bone, middle of forehead and temples, bridge of your nose (unless you have a tall nose like me D:), and a dab on your chin and it really lightens up your face. Don't forget under eye area for dark circles too! just covering those babies wakes up the face like no other!!
Umaluhu on September 08
and by highlight i mean with a highlighter creme/foundation! not "highlight" as in focusing on those areas.
sympathy_kid on August 27
Thanks! :)
Beauty_Beatrix on August 11
Freckles are cute. Don't conceal cuteness!
maryiangge on August 07
let inner beauty shine!
pandaphilia on August 07
this is a fantastic article! the natural look is beautiful and letting your skin breathe in important!
MiuSan on August 07
Consulting a dermatologist sounds fine, but I have to admit I have nearly lost all hope on their expertise! cosmetologists also =/
aribear22 on August 06
great article! "Who do you know, other than Edward Cullen, who actually glitters?" Hahaha
theskinnybitch on August 06
I rim my eyes in black...but then again, I am black and it's definitely not to the racoon extent
headbandit on August 07
I won't discount the awesome effects of a bit of eyeliner! I was just emphasizing that if you want a natural look, don't wear too much :)
jinmari on August 06
"Raccoon eyes are only natural if you are, in fact, a raccoon." lol indeed!
shennie87 on August 05
I believe looking natural and beautiful doesn't require cosmetic products, but really taking care of your body and watching what you eat. Your physical appearance reflects your overall health.
staystitching on August 05
i hate glitter products. its so difficult to find a nice lip gloss without glitter in it
crystaldots on August 04
I like the 'dew' look although I don't think a lot of Americans like (?) that look because of the heat here and it looks oily. But the dewy look is very popular amongst the Asian crowd!!
OHSOladylike on August 04
Very true. But even in Asia the dewy look is difficult to do (especially in the summer) particularly in the more southern tropical climates. The other issue is when you're an Asian who loves the do look but lives in America. Its only doable in the spring and late fall, in the summer its too hot and in the winter it doesn't work with the atmosphere. I prefer the matte look in winter.
Britt_Whit on August 04
so glad you called out the raccon eyes. And we def do the dew look!
thesimpletheory on August 04
yay for natural!
notsohum on August 04
Natural is the best way to go for make-up!
Polly_Nirvana on August 04
I don't have many problems with looking natural, I hardly use any makeup.. ;d

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