Are You Willing To Compromise Comfort For Fashion?

Updated on Nov 01, 2011

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AncaScridon on September 27
the second photo is fab!
LouisandhisWig on September 02
I'm not willing to compromise my comfort, sorry. After wandering through blogs, and envying others style, I finally learned that the best way to be stylish is to be comfortable, because, after all, what we reflect when we feel good in our clothes is that confidence and that strenght that is supposed to be linked to the word 'style'.
Style_Composer on November 04
I always do when I get ready for a big event but then I regret it later. I gets painful and I am always like, "Why did I do this again?" haha
pandaphilia on November 03
yeah some things are nuts. i like the visual aesthetic but i'd do some of these crazy things for a shoot then that's it. i can never find heels small enough for my feet so i usually resort to flats for walking around all day with a heavy backpack. there's comfy chic too!
irisanddaniel on November 02
I used to think that sacrificing comfort was essential to good fashion but I don't really think it anymore because it feels and looks forced if you are suffering through your day. I feel like psychological comfort is more important when thinking about fashion than physical comfort and obviously people like Daphne/ADR are most comfortable in very fashion forward looks. Great article, loved reading!
looney_lovegood on November 02
@effervescentevelina: I'm so glad you said that! It's nice to hear that perspective from regular people! I think it's really cool that you're willing to do that! I'm working on getting there though--today I wore a shoe with a platform to school, and it wasn't so bad! To answer your question, I would LOVE if you refer to it on your blog! That would be so cool, thank you! Odelia
effervescentevelina on November 02
The answer to your question probably depends on who you're asking, since everyone's comfort level is different - but if you ask me, I would reply with a resounding YES. When it is possible, I chose to wear shoes with a bit of a heel when I can, despite the discomfort it may bring, but I endure it. I would say in order for me to feel beautiful - I would have to suffer a bit of discomfort...
effervescentevelina on November 02
But before I ramble more, I want to commend you on this lovely article! Definitely food for thought. I hope you won't mind if I refer to it in a personal blog post? :D
madamushroom on November 02
I love fashion but would rather be comfortable and functional any day. Heels are great if i can walk in them and not get sore spots, and reveling clothing is fine if you have the body or at least the confidence to pull it off. That's the great thing about fashion thought you can be stylish and still dress in your comfort zone. IT's all about expressing yourself whether modest or eccentric.
filipina on November 01
i think i will never be ready for such outfits.. or maybe im just being more on the safe side. i wouldn't want to end up on pages of "what was she thinking"? but kudos to those who made it through and stayed confident on what they believe is a true expression of themselves.. :)
F4SHI0N on November 01
i think some people can pull it off well. I can't personally wear wedges/heels,crop tops, or booty shorts to school. I liked crop tops but got uncomfortable. Normal shorts are just fine. And wedges/heels are too painful to wear for 7 hours at school. That being said, I do like heels and wedges and can tolearte them for a bit

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