Does this Make Me Look Fat?

Updated on Nov 16, 2011

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sympathy_kid on November 30
It's so interesting to hear things from another point of view, especially when that view is from the opposite sex; some criticism is essential. I like to know that guys think about our style just as much as we think about theirs. Or maybe that's just me.. :)
Tazleigh on November 23
i like that we finally get to really know what guys actually think about the way we dress, without the whole awkward saying-we-look-great-when-we-dont-because-they-dont-want-to-make-us-angry things. <3 this. thank you!
MintM8 on November 21
Hmmm...interesting. I like the shoes as the foundation comment.
RaspberryLIme on November 19
This is quite interesting to hear from a guys' perspective
filipina on November 18
love this article! nice to hear all of these guys' point of view.. :)
TamQuoia on November 18
very cool. great read
franloiacono on November 17
Loved this a lot!! Nice job everybody :D
crystaldots on November 16
Interesting how each perceives a woman. Love Daniel's response - collars are everyone's best friend. Lol, good article sam sam (like heart heart in Chinese). Lol.
stylenomad on November 17
lol you make me laugh, watermooooolen!!!
boredstephanie on November 16
wonderful article, its cool to see what the guys think sometimes although these guys are special in that they care how they look xP
irisanddaniel on November 16
Yay! Thanks for including me Great to be among a great group of stylish Chictopian dudes. All three of the ladies featured definitely have amazing styles as well. Keep up these amazing articles, Sam. :)
stylenomad on November 17
Thanks for helping out! I'm always reading your articles for ideas on what to write!
ohmunrowe on November 16
Love this! Thanks for having me be a part of it! I look forward to more opportunities to provide fashion feedback! :) Xx
heathermichele on November 16
Great article!

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