What NOT to do While Getting Over a Breakup

Updated on Dec 06, 2011

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allymazing on January 16
ys yes and yes
danielle717 on December 08
This article touched all the points especially don't second guess yourself..or basically blame yourself is usually what I call it. It's crazy what love does to us but loving yourself is so much rewarding.
franloiacono on December 07
I'm totally living this. I wish I could stay better but I'm not. I guess I still need time, but, I'm a bit desperate right now, I just wish I could stay better and I have no patience... I'll try to follow some of your suggestions...but I think we need to work a lot on ourselves, we need to have back our self confidence...which I honestly haven't right now.
crystaldots on December 07
First off, kudos for you on being so strong. Definitely know what you mean about all these points, and you're right on all of these. I think that it's quite damaging to the soul when you keep engaging contact with the person you've loved when he/she doesn't feel the same way about you anymore. This is a great post, and another point: DO NOT keep his/her things lying around!
fernandafgm on December 06
Do not listen to any song while you are in that stage, otherwise you will hate that song forever! :P That could be another tip, or do not eat more or less than what you were eating before, you can cause eating disorder... your tips are pretty good :) Great post!
franloiacono on December 07
So....no music at all? I share your same opinion...but I'd love to listen to some music lol
crystaldots on December 07
That's a great idea, don't listen to any of the songs that remind you of him. I think upbeat songs really help!

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