What You Should Be Reading: Week of 12/16/11

Updated on Dec 16, 2011

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PattieDueck on October 27
So, salwar kameez has bought a makeover inside the type of necklines, cuts, embroidered or sequenced operate and designer variations. Halter neck, spaghetti straps, backless or deep necks and curved cuts can be a handful of in the sensible models which have appealed to each and e.ery lady. Easily just after all, get together could be the 2nd when every lady or female desires to appear the most eff
simplynikki on January 12
I clicked on a friends FB link to a sh!t (insert group here) says a couple days ago and logged off of youtube almost a hour later after jumping from one to another to another. They vary to the REALLY bad to the REALLY good (that I have to fave and replay.) The one linked here is one of my personal fave.
JennyBodell on January 04
"Did I lock the door?................................................Yes..." hahaha. so good.
wolf_in_sheepclothin on December 27
the Twilight series one made me laugh so hard I peed :D I enjoyed it very much :) the 3 creepiest moments... not the pee :D
czalala on December 26
I'm pretty sure the name is Juliette Lewis... and yes, she is awesome.
JeffGoins on December 20
Thanks for the link, ladies.
F4SHI0N on December 20
lol i thought i came up with those candy cane nails
filipina on December 20
hahaha.. really funny on that videos on watt girls say.. :)
blairbadge on December 19
love these!!! :)
Style_Composer on December 18
sometimes i watch the scarf video just because the filming was really cool.
Aprilfrances on December 18
Gusichka on December 17
i love WENDY!
Mishelle on December 17
the video was hilarious!
SkinniMini on December 17
I liked the candycane nails
lizzified on December 16
hahaha! love this :)
RayC on December 16
Sh*t Girls Say is so funny!
chaidrinkstea on December 16
YES to Traveling young funny video and love the scarf video
ameliajin on December 16
love this article
cortneyclift on December 16
Ha love the creepiest Twilight moments is great. I think Jacob imprinting on a baby is certainly the creepiest. The post about traveling is very inspiring. Have been wanting to go to Europe forever, I guess I just need to figure out a way and DO IT! www.qacreate.com

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