Why (Most) People Should Stop Buying People Christmas Gifts

Updated on Dec 20, 2011

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allymazing on January 17
OnTheGanges on December 31
weren't buying gifts for anyone? It sounds like a potentially disastrous situation. Granted, I too don't approve of the pressure of buying gifts for people I don't like, and I can't even begin to imagine what a solution would be in this instance. However, I don't see it as a solution, but a way to cause more headache in some cases.
Hqzou on January 11
Haha, true. Gifts for no one then! Or just give gifts at random times throughout the year (but not during Christmas) to the people you want to give gifts to.
OnTheGanges on December 31
I was with you up until the final paragraph. Perhaps the point flew right over my head, I don't know, but I don't see how the issue is solved by saying, "no, I don't believe in Christmas gifts," to a select few, then going and buying gifts for others. Don't you run a risk of mutual friends/family members/aquaintences finding out that you got gifts for some, and told the others that you [cont]
gabyrella on December 29
that's what gift giving is all about. Showing someone you though of them and appreciate them enough to get them a little something to brighten up their day.
gabyrella on December 29
I absolutely agree. I don't celebrate Christmas, and never have because of personal beliefs. I've never had to give gifts because I felt obligated. There were baby showers and wedding and such, but for the most part if it reminds me of you, I'll buy it. And it's always made me happy to wrap it up and surprise them with the though. I think random gifts like that make people feel special. I think
boredstephanie on December 24
Also, sometimes you get gifts you don't like and you feel bad that they spent money on it and you have to act like you love it. I find it annoying. I don't mind buying gifts for people randomly when I shop and think oh man this person would love that! but the pressure of finding a great gift for everyone is annoying and I don't wanna be deal with it -.-
boredstephanie on December 24
As my family never celebrated christmas, I never felt I needed to recieve presents during this time of year. I tell my friends pretty bluntly I don't want gifts and I don't have money to buy gifts for everyone but some people still get me gifts. I think the main thing about gifts is that theres a big chance your friend won't like the gift much and you just spent a good amount of money getting it.
keith99howard on December 23
Look people I just really need to say this. Giving gift are for the pure joy of given and being selfless.. I think this article is bad because now I look at people giving store bought cookies for Christmas gifts suck when before i was happy to get some cookies so this article is just ruining getting and giving shittie gifts... a gifts a gift a gift... reciprocity is not all bad and its very ameria
Chocosioco on December 22
I totally agree!
hellothemushroom on December 21
Good article indeed. I must add that I also made a couple of little things for my closest friends. It's more personal and as a token of friendship it's perfect.
miz_cat on December 21
Definitely agree. I love buying gifts for people I care about want to buy or make gifts for....but I work at a Dr.'s office and if someone brings me a gift patient wise, I send them a thank you card, and for my fellow employees who aren't my secret santa? Bake them cupcakes.
natalia_ on December 20
i completely agree with your article! Why not just be thankful you're spending time with the ones you love rather than feeling you need something material. The only gift I'd want is to just be with friends and family on Christmas. Sounds a bit corny and cliche but still.
Mishelle on December 20
great article!
denaesimonson on December 20
I agree 100% with this post, i believe that christmas gifts are a huge waste of money! you are both spending money on each other for something you may not even like, why bother??
JessicaWu on December 20
filipina on December 20
helpful.. m always pressed to buy gifts this christmas..

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