The Truth Behind Knock-Off Apparel

Updated on Dec 31, 2011

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modehaven on October 01
I'll buy an on trend item, vintage items but do not like buying knock off's. If i cant buy the designer item, I'll search for something similar in my price range instead..
syjjang on February 25
Thanks for the perspective! I've never thought about knock offs like that before :-)
DelightfulDecember on January 22
I found some great vintages items from Otherwise, I hardly shop for clothes now as much as I was more ignorant then. Now I'm just limited to places. XD D-I-Y for the win.
allymazing on January 16
vair true
jasmineproctor on January 16
I never thought about it that way i guess.
bitchycraft on January 12
A+++ post; this is exactly the reason I refuse to shop at stores/outlets/lines owned by companies that are notorious for thieving designs and capitalizing on migrant labour. Everyone should see this post.
F4SHI0N on January 08
phillipthenickel on January 06
One of the things that makes me really angry is knock offs of Toms shoes. In that case the brand name costs more because half of what you're paying is going towards such a good cause. Buying a cheap alternative that doesn't do anyone any good just seems awful to me. Especially since Toms themselves aren't at all expensive.
sukavati on January 20
emakins on January 04
wow, this actually made me think more on what im going to buy in the future. which is the real deal.
Mishelle on January 03
great article!
Incroyable on January 03
Excellent article. Only flaw was your use of Jeffrey Campbell; He is no way a victim of counterfeiters, he's one of them. "His" designs are far from original, with some being downright carbon copies.
OnTheGanges on January 04
I was simply using the JC Lita as an example for my point; that brand too is a victim of knock offs, despite the argument that they knocked off other styles for their shoes. They're not the only company, either. (While I can't quite recall, I want to say that the Jessica Simpson line was accused of the same...and then there's Forever21, obviously.)
QuinnBell on January 03
OnTheGanges on January 04
Thanks, Quinn! <3
JeanGreige on January 03
Excellent article Kat!
OnTheGanges on January 03
Thank you, Madeline!
Dreamlander on January 03
Thank you, thank you so much for this post! I am so happy that you addressed the issue of unethical work conditions! I think we as fashion lovers must care about these things! You could also have mentionned the negative impact on the environment due to production of cheap materials. Thanx again, girl! :)
OnTheGanges on January 03
Ahh, great point; I hadn't thought of that! It makes sense that companies with cheaper products and means of assembling would impact the enviroment more severely than others.
teribi on January 03
I just want to ask, how about those that are called "(name of designer/label)-inspired" or "replica" of a certain brand of shoe, is it also called a knock-off? Because i've seen some being sold online (and the name of a certain online shop is even mentioned as the brand X store that some fashion bloggers wear).
OnTheGanges on January 03
I felt that 'replicas' would have been a whole other can of worms that would have made this article probably twice as long, especially since its approval is relative, which is why I skipped out on talking about it. While I would personally figure they're the same as knock-offs, some people don't agree. Perhaps we'll see an article on the subject in the future.
MiuSan on January 03
I am assuming inspired is when they are not trying to copy it to the last detail. They might take some detail and work with that, but no intention of copying. Replica might even be a salute to the original, and let's be honest, even the expensive haute couture that you see on runways rarely go straight to the wearer. Replicas are a 2-way street imo.

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